Thank you for your input on our Implementation Plan!

Welcome to Phase 3 of our Larimer County Climate Smart and Future Ready (CSFR) process. This website is a one-stop shop for learning more, making your voice heard, and getting updates on the CSFR plan. Join your neighbors and be a part of our community planning process!

UPDATE: Public engagement has closed. Your input has been invaluable to this process. Stay tuned as the plan moves into implementation!

Your thoughts helped our working groups shape the strategies, partnerships, and planning that are going into this plan. The team is now hard at work crafting the actual plan.

So What's Next?

Introducing the Larimer Climate Action Coordinators!


Climate Action Coordinators will be responsible for organizing the implementation of an action in the CSFR Plan. The planning team worked hard to recruit these folks during the planning process.


These Coordinators are community leaders who stepped up from across the local nonprofits, community-based organizations, and County departments.


The Coordinators have been meeting to collaborate on putting the plan into action equitably and to develop a transparent accountability process to keep the Larimer County community updated. During these meetings, they review your input to make sure their work takes into account your priorities and ideas.

What can you expect from us now?

Look out for the published plan! Larimer County will publish a final version of the plan for your review in 2024. The Climate Action Coordinators will keep working on their living implementation plans which may or may not seek your feedback and input again. Check out the Larimer County website for more information and sign up for updates!

Our Impact

Larimer County's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We finished calculating Larimer County's greenhouse gas! The results are in... Now we know what strategies and actions will have the most significant climate impacts.

You can learn more about greenhouse gases by reading our greenhouse gas inventory memo or viewing this presentation!

Pie chart of Larimer County's sectoral emissions

The breakdown of Larimer County's greenhouse gas emissions by sector. Buildings account for the largest sector of emissions, followed by transportation.

Why climate smart & future ready?

Climate conditions are changing all around us.

Learn about how changing environmental conditions are affecting Larimer County and our communities in our video series below.

Larimer County is climate smart and future ready.

See something that strikes a chord? Leave us your thoughts, ideas, and concerns in our feedback opportunities below.


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